Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dear Costa Rica

Dear Costa Rica,

I can’t believe our time has come to an end. It seemed to be over before it really began. We have spent the last three months falling in love with each other. You took the time to show me yourself even though I came with lots of misconceptions. You proved me wrong about the things I thought I knew. You taught me about the real Costa Rica, but even more you taught me about the real me. I was able to find myself when I found you. I was scared to really get to know you and I hesitated to open myself up. As I explored new places, you helped me meet new friends to make me more at home. As I tried new things I found a new person inside of me.. The more I grew comfortable with you the more I wanted to learn about you. Even when we disagreed and I was angry with being with you, you did something to take my mind off of it. As I learned more about you the more I came to respect you. We have grown so close that I can’t bear to let you go even though we both knew that my time would be short. So all I can say to you Costa Rica is Thank you. Thank you for all the special places you showed me. Thank you for giving me lifelong friends to share you with. But thank you the most for giving me another place to call home.

Love your newest Tica,

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