Monday, March 26, 2007


Our trip to Montverde was wet, wild, and wonderful, for the first time in many of our lives we walked with our heads in the clouds. We felt the sensation of being free and amidst bodies full of tiny particles of pure water. The wind tore across the landscape as if to rip every tree from its roots yet everything flexed and held with each attack. We walked with, flew against, and became part of this invisible force during our short time in this mystical place.
As we reached the end of our worn path, rolling gusts of air and clouds greeted us, whipping our voices in all directions of the compass. Our laughter at the sight of each other was barely audible as the wind carried it away. Though we had entered the forest dry and cozy, we left the reserve with dripping hair, damp clothing, yet content hearts and aching stomachs from laughing so hard. That is what Montverde is; the opportunity to enjoy the unpredictable weather, see pristine and virgin land untouched by human progress, and enter a world one may never set foot in again. ZK

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