Friday, February 16, 2007

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This blog is being posted by M & M and represents their thoughts on the experience. Our quote for the weekend was: If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water – Loren Eiseley What follows is a wonderful combination of insights and photos.. be patient viewer.. it is worth the "read" enjoy it!
This weekend was a fabulous weekend at Manuel Antonio. Some of us explored the water and its treasures by renting a boat, and others drove ATVs to discover the countryside. No matter what activities we participated in, everyone was stimulated by the sand and surf. There is no accurate way to convey the country’s splendor without breaking down the five senses.


The first thing we noticed upon arrival at Manuel Antonio was the hustle and bustle of the main strip. We could hear the laughter of families spending the day together as well as angry drivers honking at tour buses to clear the road. After the air breaks released and the bus doors opened, the sound of the waves drew us towards the sea. Against the rocky ledges, the ebbing tide just captured us. It was like the irresistible mating call of birds. Just beyond the ocean is one of Costa Rica’s diverse forests, which is a world of its own. There seemed to be a symphony of monkeys, birds, and bugs, composing the beautiful song of nature.


At daybreak, the aroma of Costa Rican coffee couldn’t help but creep into one’s nose. To accentuate the freshly roasted beans, sweet and potent fruits, such as pineapple and watermelon, filled the air. Sitting amidst the exotic flowers at breakfast gave more depth to the delightful coast. While walking down the sandy path to the shore, one could not escape the smells of suntan lotion and salty air, which were precursors to a beautiful, sunny, and hot day.
There was not one person who did not venture into the depths of the ocean. Whether it was through surfing, snorkeling, or swimming, everyone could not forget the familiar taste of salt water. While water itself is an unavoidable entity of life, there is something enchanting about the bitter yet smooth water that tickles the tongue. Each of us will always be able to savor the sea of Costa Rica.


Besides the obvious yet enjoyable touches of sand and sea, we cherished finer details that brushed up against our sun-kissed skin. At the end of the exhausting yet pleasurable day, nothing felt better than the cool sheets against one’s heated body. If someone was not tired enough to go to bed, he or she could curl up in the tightly woven hammock and turn the pages of a beach novel. The hammock was like a cocoon. After resting, one would emerge from this safe haven only to have the soft air caress their body.
No words can do this country justice.

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